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Medication Administration

Medication Administration in Los Fresnos C.I.S.D.
Goal: To provide safe administration of medications to students during school hours
1. Medication must be from the United States. No medication from foreign countries
will be administered by the school nurse or school personnel.

2. Medication must be in the recent original container with student's name, date,
doctor's name, name of medication, dosage to be administered. Over the counter
such as Tylenol etc. must come in the original box or container when brought to
nursing office. Please remember it needs to b e age appropriate.

3. A signed note must come from the parent/guardian with instructions as to when
medication is to be administered.

4. Medications are to be administered at school only if they cannot be administered
at home.

5. Medications will be kept in a secured locked place at the nursing office during
school hours. Medications should not be kept in class or with student.

6. Each case where a physician states a student can carry own medications(asthma
inhalers) while in school shall be reviewed for safety and decision making with
doctor's order, nurse, parent and school administration.

7. Medication must be brought to school by either the parent or a responsible adult
and picked up by an adult to be taken home.
Forms for medication administration are available in the nursing office
at each campus.