Course Syllabus
Social Studies 6th: World Geography Syllabus

Mrs. Rhonda R. Lang  

Course Description:  This course includes the study of people and places of the contemporary world as well as a study of their past, geography, culture, political relationships, and governments..

Course Goals:  Prepare students to make historical materials relevant to today’s world

Textbook: World Cultures and Geography

Student Materials:

q  1 inch 3 ring binder (HARD COVER)

q  1 set of dividers (Labeled: Notes, Classwork, Tests)

q  Colored pencils, Crayons, OR Markers

q  Black or Blue pens & Pencils

General Course Information:

  • Students are expected to turn in all work on time.  No Late Work Accepted.
  • Students are to be honest about their work.  No cheating or copying will be tolerated and will result in a failing grade in the assignment.
  • All material will be brought to class every day.  There will be at least three tests per grading period
  • Grading Policy:
  • LFCISD grading policy will be followed at all times.
  • Students will be given opportunities for re-testing and make-up assignments. 

Classroom Discipline:

  • Students are to behave in a respectable manner at all times
  • NO food or drinks are allowed in the classroom
  • Students are to come prepared with all class materials
  • Students will not show any form of disrespect at another student
  • Violations will be dealt with in accordance with LFCISD and Resaca MS policy.

If there are any questions or concerns that arise during the year, feel free to contact me for a conference.  Thank you

Resaca Middle School Phone # 254-5159 (leave message)

Conference Period: 3rd period 11:09 - 12:04       E-mail Address: