Late Assignments & Attendance

Late Assignments

Students should do their very best to submit their work in on time.  Students who set good work habits now as adolescents are building quality work ethics that they will carry into adulthood.  

Working Lunch- student responsibility;

Should a student fail to submit work in at requested date and class period, then student will have to complete late work during a "working lunch". Student will notify teacher day requested to stay for make up work during lunch.


1st  Day/Late Class Assignment-10 Points Deduction

2nd Day/Late Class Assignment-20 Points Deduction

3rd Day/Late Class Assignment-30 Points Deduction


There is a strong correlation that students who are in class and participating are more likely to be successful in their grades.  Students who have perfect attendance will be rewarded.  To receive credit for a class a student must be an attendance 90% of the days the course is offered.

Getting Absent Work

Due to the nature of the school day, it is not always possible to email assignments or gather work to send to the office.  If a student is absent, they will need to check the teacher upon return and get the Notes or  assignments missed from the previous day. 

Absent work is the students responsibility.