8th Grade Science Syllabus

Mr. Rodriguez

Resaca Middle School

My name is David Rodriguez and it is my pleasure to inform you I will be your child’s Science Teacher for the 2015-2016 school year.  I look forward to working with you to enhance your child’s education.  My conference period is 4th from 11:35 A.M. to 12:29 P.M.  If you have any concerns please contact me at 254-5159 to schedule a conference, however if that time does not work for you, we can meet before or after school.  I can also be reached at

Goals and Objectives

            To expand students’ knowledge of the uses of the scientific method

            Analyze process of the natural and technological world

            Expand the students’ knowledge of the structure of the Earth’s systems

            Expand the students’ knowledge of the structure and properties of matter

            Expand the students’ knowledge of motion and forces

            Expand the student’s knowledge of interactions of the human systems

Year at a glance

            1st 9 Weeks:  Matter and Energy

            2nd 9 Weeks:  Force and Motion

            3rd 9 Weeks:  Earth and Space

            4th 9 Weeks:  Organisms and Environments

Grading Policy

            As per district policy:  10 daily grades and 4 test grades per 9 weeks.  Re-testing and make up work will be on an individual basis.  There will be a minimum of two major projects per year; more information to come as the year progresses.


Supply List

            2 Composition books (99 cents at the dollar store)

            Glue sticks (for paper)

            10 Black or Blue Pens

            10 Pencils

            Colored Pencils or Crayons

Classroom Rules

1.  Be Prepared

2.  Be Responsible

3.  Be Respectful

4.  Be an Active Participant

5.  Always do your best


            First offence: Verbal Warning

            Second offense:  Verbal warning and parent contact

            Third offense:  Let’s not go there, you are young adults now

Rewards for behavior are too numerous to type!