Garcia, Ezequiel


I'm Ezequiel Garcia 8th grade science teacher here at RMS. My conference is during 4th period 11:30-12:30. I may be reached at school 254-5159 or email at You may also call or text me; email me for my number.

Remind 101
to: 81010
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FCA Weekend of Champs 2014
The boys woke me up early and asked if I'd chaperone while they played basketball. I said sure no problem, then I looked at my was 4am!!!!!!!!!!!! So there we were.


Nori and Jules
Harry and the boys; above.
Sara and Angelarose; below

xDoxsee and PeralesxThe girls...xJonathon preaching the word...xMy 6th graders..xSara and Angelarose xThe boys listening to the word..xJazzxChavez in bluexAshxEdgar in red..xEdgar doing an exotic squat.xJon again preaching the word.x
The girls with some quiet time...xTyler and Ila..xThe best bus drivers in the world.xThe girls at chow time.x     L & M... now Aggies I believe.xTyler jammin away.xDesiree just smiling away.x
AnnaxSamxNatxSam during competition.xCompetitionxCompetitionxPullllllllllllxBoy's volleyball?xFast FreddyxPrayer after competition.xTake the bacon, Ben in green.x
500 campers.xRosie and hand.xKelsie ran away from everyone, she was almost a minute ahead of her nearest competitor.xThe marine, Sergio.x
There goes Kelsie.
xMuscles?xPraising away.x    T with the awesome smile!xLooked nice so I snapped this.xGagga Ball...xJones and IlaxEven the pelicans were out forming an Angel in the sky.xSeth and Daniela.x

K & M at the camp
xTyler still jammin'...x


Me and the Liberty bell just hanging around in Philadelphia
I tried to go in and have a Dr. Pepper summit with Obama
but they never opened the gate!
My good friend Phil Dawson, X-Brown's kicker... now with the Niners..