8th Math Enrichment Syllabus

Math Enrichment Syllabus

Ms. Avila

Conference time: 3:03-4:00



Course Description: The Math Enrichment class for the middle school is designed to augment the learning that is taking place in the Core Math class. It is a clearly defined set of activities that align with the material being presented by the student’s math teacher. It is additional time that allows for more in depth investigation of concepts, a different approach to concepts, and a revisit of difficult concepts. The course is given five days per week.


Textbook                                                       Materials

  • Texas Go Math 4 Spiral Notebooks 70 Page
  • STAAR Material SupplementsPaper, Pencils, Red pen, High-lighter,1 box of Kleenex

 Markers, crayons and glue


General course information:

  • tests, projects, and interactive notebook= 60%
  • quizzes, daily work, classroom participation= 40%
  • Refer to Student handbook for policy concerning homework, make-up work, retesting, and attendance rules.Student is responsible for picking up and turning in makeup work on a timely manner.


Pacing Guide:

  • Number and Operations: Integers and Decimals
  • Ratios and Proportional Relationships
  • Probability
  • Multiple Representations of Linear Relationships
  • Geometric Relationships
  • Measurement and Data
  • Personal Financial Literacy


Classroom rules:                                                    Consequences:                    

  1. Be respectful Warning
  2. Be prepared Conference with the student
  3. Be on timeDetention
  4. No food, drink, or gumParent contact

  Office referral