Resaca Middle School P.E. Syllabus:

The following is a guideline for our Physical Education classes at Resaca Middle School.

Each student will be required to wear a Resaca P.E. uniform of a t-shirt and a short for the class activities.  Each student will be responsible for maintaining this uniform throughout the school year.  Students will be responsible for washing and caring for their own uniform.  Each middle school will have its own uniform that will be sold at the Los Fresnos Walmart.  The shorts cannot be big and baggy or longer than the knee.  In case they run out of the uniforms at our local Walmart, any solid grey t-shirt and solid black shorts will be allowed.  Each student should mark their clothing with their name.  If you choose not to buy a uniform, a shirt and a pair of shorts will be issued.  You are responsible to maintain the uniform and return it at the end of the school year.  If lost or damaged, a $10.00 fee will be applied.    

Students are expected to dress daily for their activities.  If the student is excused from exercise because of a doctor excuse, the student must still dress out in order to receive their total points for the day.  Parent contact will be done for those students not dressing out regularly.  Coaches will announce ahead of time when there is no need to dress; e.g. assemblies, concerts, pep rallies, testing, etc.

 The following will be utilized as a grading system.  Twenty (20) points will be awarded daily.  Ten (10) points for dressing, ten (10) points for participation.  A weekly average will be calculated for each week of the nine weeks.  This will be 60% of your grade.  Testing and or skills tests will calculate the balance of 40%. A weekly run test will be conducted as part of the testing grade.  The 6th grade P.E./pre-athletic curriculum will consist of weekly integrated Health lessons.   All 6th grade P.E. students/pre-athletic students are required to have a spiral notebook on Fridays for Health lessons.

 Your son/daughter will be required to bring a combination lock to use on their issued locker.  We will not issue lockers until a combination lock is brought to school and the physical education instructor has a record of it.  We highly recommend that personal electronic devices and valuable items be locked up at all times.  The Physical Education Department is not responsible for items lost or stolen. The locks need to be locked when the student is not using their locker.

 We have shower facilities and highly encourage proper hygiene practice that is showering with soap and water.  You child must provide his/her own towel, soap, and deodorant.  We will allow plenty of time for this at the end of each class period and activity.  Parents and students, rest assured, we will not force anyone to shower and never feel intimidated by anyone that you feel is harassing you about this.

We follow very simple rules.  When the tardy bell rings, you should be inside the gym area sitting at your assigned spot and ready for class.  You must wear shoes, preferably tennis shoes for all our activities, no exceptions.

 No profanity is allowed in the dressing rooms, or during class activities.  No horse playing or picking on each other will be tolerated at anytime.  You may not borrow clothes or shoes from each other at all due to communicable diseases.

 We will follow these rules: P= Plan and Prepare

                                                  R= Respect teachers, self, others, rules, and equipment

                                                   I= Include Everyone

                                                  D= Do your Best

                                                  E= Encourage only

If you are absent, a doctor’s excuse must be brought to exclude you from instructional activities and your weekly run test.

 Parents, please feel free to call or email the Physical Education department at anytime.  We welcome as much parent contact as possible.  Our telephone number is 956-254-5159.


M. Molina                                      R. Rodriguez       rrodriguez@lfcisd.netL. Mendoza                            A. Sosa       


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