Classroom Hours
Welcome to the SWAMP!!!!

2016-2017 Schedule:

1st: 7th Grade Athletics (8:37-9:32)
2nd: Conference (9:36-10:31)
LUNCH A (10:35-11:05)
3rd: 6th Grade Pre-Athletics/Health (11:09-12:04)
4th: 6th Grade Pre-Athletics/Health (12:08-1:03)
5th: 6th Grade Pre-Athletics/Health (1:07-2:02)
6th: N/A (2:06-3:01)
7th: 8th Grade Athletics (3:05-4:00)

Be sure to have your P.E. clothes with you on a weekly basis and ready to participate.
Let's make it a fun year Gators!!!