Course Syllabus

Monolingual and Spanish I

Maribel Miranda-Garza
Room 23



COURSE DESCRIPTION: Spanish I provides a study of the Spanish Language and Culture.  Emphasis will be on the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  As Spanish speaking students take their first steps towards refining their Spanish Language skills they must devote attention to vocabulary, grammer, and they must add accents to their writing.  If students work on these goals regularly, they should find that their speaking, listening, reading, and writing proficiency will develop fairly  rapidly, within the first year of instruction.  Students who obtain a passing grade for the year will receive High School Credit for Spanish I.

TEXT:  Exprésate

CLASSWORK:  In addition to the fact that a student can fail due to excessive absences and tardies, he / she should also understand that frequent or extended absences will not allow the student to develop their oral skills and will therefore influence the instructor’s evaluation of his or her class performance.  If students miss a class, it is the student's responsibility to find out what material was covered during their absence. 


** Major Tests and Project  -  60%

(There will one major project during the first semester about The Mexican Revolution)

** Quizzes, Daily work and Homework   -  40%

If you Know ahead of time that you will have to miss a test or a quiz, it is to your advantage to notify your instructor and make appropriate alternative arrangements.


RETEST:  All students are eligible for re-testing if he or she has not demonstrated mastery with a 70 as the highest grade possible.


LATE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS:  No late assignments will be accepted unless students has been absent.  The student will have the same number of days that he/she was absent to make up the assignment(s).


EXTRA CREDIT:  If you take advantage of the tests/re-tests, there will be no need for extra credit.  In another words, NONE WILL BE GIVEN!

Classroom Rules and Regulations:
** Be on time and prepared.
** Listen and follow instructions carefully.
** Be polite and respectful to others.
** No gum or food allowed in class (Only Water).
** Complete all assignments on time (Daily Work and Homework)

1).- First infraction verbal warning
2).- Second infraction call parents
3).- Third infraction lunch detention (15 min.)
4).- Forth infraction Parent Conference
5),- Fifth infraction Referral


-        3 inch binder (3 rings)

-        4 dividers

-        3 highlighters

-        Pencils / Pencil sharpener

-        1 box of color pencils

-        1 small box of Kleenex     

-        3 pens (2 blues and 1 red)

HEADING:  Each assignment should have your name with accents, if needed, and data in Spanish.


-        Title page (name, class, period)

-        Course Syllabus

-        4 dividers

*Homework/Daily Work (tareas)

*Notes (notas)

*Quizzes (Pruebitas)

*Exams (Exámenes)

If absent, you are responsible for finding out and making up all work missed.  Do not forget: Be on time and prepared!  And lets have some fun and enjoy “La clase de Español”    
Ole!I have read and understand the course syllabus.
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