Art 1 Syllabus

2016 - 2017 Academic alendar



Resaca Middle School

Fine Arts Dept.

Mr. Jared Korab


Art Objectives:


1.     The students will be able to understand the foundations of art.


2.     The students will be able to identify the seven elements of art and the seven principles of design.


3.     The students will be introduced to different types of materials (media) used to create art. Ex. (pencil, pen, watercolors, acrylic, collages, and scratchboard).


4.     The students will be able to identify different styles and techniques used to produce art.


5.     The students will critique not only their own work, but also works that clearly represent a certain theme or style.


6.     The students will understand the importance of art in relation to the history of mankind through a timeline.


7.     The students will discuss the several types of occupations and careers offered in the Fine Art world.


8.     The students will participate in group projects and class discussions to foster strong social skills.


9.     The students will also be expected to participate in certain projects that boost school morale and unity.





1.     The students will take vocabulary quizzes.


2.     The students will produce three to five class projects in a nine week period that demonstrate their understanding of the objectives.


3.     The students will maintain a portfolio throughout the year to monitor their growth and progress.




1.     A minimum of 10 daily assessments and 4 exams (or major projects) will be given in each nine week period.


2.     Portfolios may be used in the grading process.


3.    Deadlines are extremely important in the overall grade.




1.     Students are here to learn; students will do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching; and from keeping other students from learning.


2.     Students will be respectful to all teachers and students.


3.     Students will be prepared and will not be late for class; students will come to class with completed work when due and bring the necessary supplies and materials needed for class projects.




5.     Students will be responsible for the safety and maintenance of the classroom. Classroom, Campus and District rules will be enforced. (Please see Student Code of Conduct Handbook)

 Supply list:1. colored pencils
                     2. eraser/sharpener
                     3. ruler
                     4. black markers
                     5. scissors
                     6. watercolors