Resaca Middle School

6th Grade ELA/Writing Syllabus



INSTRUCTOR:                    D. Sanchez

ROOM:                                   5


PHONE:                                (956) 254-5159

CONFERENCE PERIOD:    1:07 PM-2:02 PM  (5th Period)



Course Description: 

This sixth grade course is designed to review the fundamentals of writing, and develop the student’s writing skills to succeed in all areas of their academic career, as well as meet the academic writing standards for the STAAR exam.   Students will engage in a variety of writing tasks including but not limited to: journals, poetry, research papers, fiction and non-fiction essays, writing projects, and letters.   

The goal of this class is to bring about a greater understanding of the writing process, parts of speech, and effective writing techniques and writing conventions.  By the end of the school year, students should have a good understanding of the writing process and rules of grammar so they will be able to write effectively.


Grading Policy:


Students are expected to turn in daily work and homework ON TIME.  If the student has an excused absence, it is the responsibility of the student to ask the teacher for his/her make up work on the day he/she returns. 


Daily Work/ Homework/Quizzes                 40%

Exams                                                           60%


 Students will be assigned essays or other projects that must be completed outside of class.   Students are expected to do their own work. The class will be conducted under the honor code. 



  Classroom Rules:


  1. Be On Time

  2. Come Prepared

  3. Respect school and other’s property

  4. Be Considerate of others

  5. Listen and Follow Directions

  6. Do Your Absolute Best

  7. Follow and Obey All School Policies      

  8. No Food/Drinks in class (except water)


           Supply List


Quantity                                                    Item Description

     1                                                                        Pack of notebook paper

     1                                                                        Composition book

     1                                                                        Spiral wide-rule notebook

     1                                                                        Plastic pocket folder

     1                                                                        Box of Kleenex (tissues)   

     1                                                                        Thesaurus/Dictionary

     1                                                                        USB flash drive