Class Objective:   In this class, we will concentrate on the areas of reading to improve our critical thinking skills, vocabulary, and writing. 

Reading/Literature Expectations:

  • Students will have an understanding and analysis across genres, literary texts, and informational texts.
  • Students will read Accelerated Reader novels in and out of class for AR points.
  • Students will read various novels in class as part of a reading grade.
  • Students will participate in class discussions, complete projects, share ideas, and do oral presentations.

Textbook:  Prentice Hall Literature, Language, and Literacy


1st Marking Period – Literary Fiction/Non-fiction & Expository
2nd Marking Period – Expository continued, Drama, Poetry,
Fall Diagnostic Assessment, Persuasive
3rd Marking Period – Literary Fiction / Non-fiction, Persuasive, 
       Spring Diagnostic Assessment
4th Marking Period – Expository continued, Drama, Poetry, STAAR Review,
STAAR Test, Novel & Author Study


Homework / Daily Work Policy:  Students will have reading homework each day.  Students are expected to read at home for 20 minutes.  On occasion when students do not complete daily work in class, they may take that assignment home to be completed.

Tests:  Students will always be notified ahead of time when a test will be given.  Students will write this information on their calendars which are kept in their Reading Folder.


Daily Work / Homework  40%                     Tests / Accelerated Reader 60%

Class Rules:                                           Class Consequences:

1.  Be on time to class.                                         1.  Verbal Warning.
 (3 Tardies will earn a referral to the office.)       2.  Change Seating Arrangement
2.  Be prepared and ready to work.                      3.  Call to Parent
3.  Raise your hand to speak.                               4. Referral to Office
4.  Show respect towards self and other.             5. Conference/Staffing
5.  Be responsible for own actions. 

Students demonstrating disruptive behavior or using vulgar language will be sent immediately to the office with a referral to speak with the principal.

Supplies: (*These supplies will be kept in the classroom.)

1 – 1 1/2” White Binder*                                  
1 pkg. of dividers*                                            
1 pkg. of Notebook Paper*                                
1 Composition Book*                                       
1 Pocket Folder with Brads*                              
2 Black or Blue Pens                                                         
1 Red Pen                                                                         
1 Kleenex Box *                                                 
1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer*  
1 box of 10 Thin Markers*
1 box of 10 pencils*
1 pencil bag to keep in binder *        
1 USB                                                                  

" Education is NOT the learning of facts. It's rather the training of the mind to think."
                                             -Albert Einstein