Syllabus/Pre-Ap Syllabus
8th Grade Language Arts Course Syllabus
Teacher: Ms. Contreras
Room: 52
Conference period: 2:06-3:01 p.m.
Course Description: The 8th grade course develops skills to prepare students to successfully enter the literary world and be ready for high school level work.  Students will be expected to think critically and creatively, to increase their lexile level, and to increase their vocabulary.  Classroom novels will be read, analyzed, and connected to the real world.  Students will need to read outside the class and to use the Accelerated Reader Program.  Students will use journals and write essays.
General 8th Grade Timeline:
Weeks 1-6:     LITERARY
Week 7:          DRAMA
Week 8:          EXPOSITORY
Week 9:          LITERARY
Weeks 10-12: EXPOSITORY
                        and LITERARY
Week 13:        POETRY
Week 14:        EXPOSITORY
Week 15:        REVIEW
Weeks 16-17: EXPOSITORY
Weeks 18-19: DRAMA
Week 20:       LITERARY
Week 21:       POETRY
Week 22:       FICTION
Week 23:       REVIEW
Week 24:       POETRY
Weeks 25-26:LITERARY
Week 27:       POETRY
Week 28:       REVIEW
Week 29:       LITERARY
Week 30:       EXPOSITORY
Week 31:       DRAMA
Week 32:       EXPOSITORY
Week 33:       LITERARY
Week 34:       POETRY
Week 35:       POETRY
Weeks 36-37: PERSUASIVE
8th Grade Pre-AP Language Arts Course Syllabus
Course Description:
     The eighth grade Pre-Advanced Placement course develops skills to prepare students for college level work in Advance Placement courses and exams taken at the high school level.  Students will be expected to think critically and creatively, to budget time effectively, increase Lexile Reading Level, develop an advanced vocabulary and commit to the stipulations of the Pre-AP contract.  Students will practice research skills through multi-genre research projects.  Classroom novels will be read, critically analyzed, and themes will be connected to individual and/or social concerns of the day or history.  Students are expected to read 3-4 novels per marking period outside the class and to use the Accelerated Reader Program for assessment.  Students will take part in a multitude of writing experiences from journals and poetry to research, essay, critical analysis and letters.
     The needs of the Pre-AP student are also met through differentiation, a logical extension of the existing curriculum.  All of the reading and writing Standards for the STAAR exam will be covered including speech and media literacy components.  Students will have the opportunity to expand their technology and research skills through not only library resources, but also the World Wide Web and by becoming fully familiar with the Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Movie Maker programs. 
Grading Policy:
All students are expected to turn in daily work (done in class) and homework (assigned 2-3 times per week) on their assigned due dates.  LATE WORK IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Make up work is the responsibility of the student.  If the student has an excused absence, he/she must ask the teacher for his/her make up work on the day he/she returns.  Daily Work/Homework/Quizzes---40%  Exams----60%
Pre-AP Contract Stipulations: 
Pre-AP class will be taught at preparatory college level and paced appropriate to the grade level as respectively outlined by the College Board.
Students in Pre-AP class will be given projects, written assignments or exams that must be completed outside of the class.  All students are expected to do their own work.  The class will be conducted under the honor code.  If a student breaks the honor code, they will be removed from the Pre-AP course.
Students in Pre-AP class will be expected to keep a writing portfolio.  It will include student writing sample of:
  • Diagnostic Paragraphs (expository and personal narrative)
  • Multi-paragraph essay with evidence of process
  • Multi-paragraph expository essay with evidence of process
  • Multi-paragraph essay of the student's choice
Students must organize time and effort to successfully complete class requirements.
Progress Reports will be issued at the 3rd and 6th weeks of each marking period.  If a student's work is not adequate or passing, the  parent and student will be notified.