Regular Syllabus

Reading 6th Grade Class Syllabus

Mrs. P. Cisneros

Room # 2A

Conference:   6th Period:  2:04 – 2:59

School Phone# 956-254-5159                 


ELAR - Class Description

This class will consist on the development of improving student reading performance, to instill in students a lifelong love of reading, and to improve students’ critical thinking skills, and vocabulary.



Pearson Prentice-Hall Literature /Language and Literacy Basal


Reading / Literature Expectations:

*Students will read AR novels and in class novels as part of a reading grade.

*Students will have understanding and analysis;

 1. across Genres, 2. Literary Texts,  3.  Informational Texts



Timeline: Literature

1st Marking Period         Literary Fiction/Nonfiction & Expository

2nd Marking Period                Expository continued, Drama, Poetry,
                                                      Fall Diagnostic Assessment, Persuasive

3rd Marking Period                 Literary Fiction/Nonfiction, Persuasive, Expository, 
                                                      & Spring Diagnostic Assessment

4th Marking Period                 Expository continued, Drama, Poetry, STAAR Review,
                                                      STARR Test, Novel & Author Study



Homework/Daily Work Policy:

Completed work is due at the time requested on the assigned due date.


AR Policy:

Accelerated Reader will count as one major TEST grade each nine weeks.

The student is responsible for reading at least two-three books at appropriate grade level per nine weeks. Grade will be based on point accumulation with a minimum of 7 points for a grade of 70.

Each point over 7 will increase the grade by 5 points. Ex: ( 7 points=70, 8 points=75. etc…) 

Accelerated Reader Points August 2015 to June 2016


13 = 100                              10 = 85                  7 = 70                    4 = 55

12 = 95                                   9 = 80                  6 = 65                1-3 = 50

11 = 90                                   8 = 75                    5 = 60                   0 = 0



*Late work will not accepted unless absent or under extreme circumstances.

Independent Reading is an important part of our class.  We will begin each class with 10 - 15 minutes of independent reading time.  your child is accountable for using this time wisely.  This time is allotted for ALL students to complete THE 40 BOOK CHALLENGE  for the year and to reach their AR points for each 9 weeks.  See below for the details. 

The 40 BOOK CHALLENGE is a challenge where each student will be required to read 40 books the entire school year.  Some students may surpass this amount if they want.  Students will be encouraged to read from different genres such as:  Poetry, traditional literature, realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, informational, biography, and autobiography. 



Late assignments will be accepted if the student has an excused absence. Student is responsible to ask for any missed assignments that may be due the day the student returns to class.


Supplies:  These will be carried in the student’s backpack except for the Kleenex box which will remain in the classroom.       

 (1) Personal Pencil Sharpener

 (1) Spiral Notebook (for vocabulary words)

 (2) Pocket Folders

 Black or Blue Pens

 Red Pen

 Pencils/ Erasers

 Highlighters (any color)

 Notebook Paper

 (1) Kleenex Box

 (1) Clorox wipes

 (1) USB


Classroom Rules:

Be prompt & prepared with required supplies    

Be responsible and productive

Be polite and respectful; treat others as you would like to be treated.

NO food, gum, drinks allowed (Water allowed)

Follow ALL LFCISD rules and policies



1st offense- Verbal warning              3rd offense- Staffing

2nd offense – Parent contact             4th offense- Office Referral

*Severe disruptions:  Parents will be called for a conference immediately and/or student will be sent

  Immediately to the office.




Daily Work/Homework:   40% of final grade              Tests / Accelerated Reader:   60% of final grade