Pre-AP English Syllabus

Resaca Middle School

6th Grade

Pre-AP English Language Arts (ELA)

Course Syllabus

Course Description: 

This sixth grade course is designed to review the fundamentals of ELA/writing, develop the student’s writing skills to succeed in all areas of their academic career, and meet the state academic ELA/writing standards. Students will engage in a variety of writing tasks including but not limited to: journal writing, poetry, research papers, fiction and non-fiction essays, critical analysis and letters.  

The goals of this class are to challenge the students, prepare them for their future academic career, and bring about a greater understanding of the writing process, parts of speech, and effective writing techniques. 

Students will be expected to think critically and creatively, to budget time effectively, develop an advanced vocabulary, and commit to the conditions of the Pre-AP contract.



Week 1 Punctuation

Week 2 Capitalization/ Introductions

Week 3 Nouns/ Introductions

Week 4 Pronouns/ Body Paragraphs

Week 5 Adjectives/ Body Paragraphs

Week 6-7 Prepositions/Conclusions

Week 8 Verbs& Helping Verbs/ Conclusions

Week 9 Conjunctions/ Personal Narrative

Week 10-11 Transitions & Sentence Structure/Narrative

Week 12 Writing DA

Week 13 Adverbs

Week 14 Figurative Language

Week 15-16 Poetry

Week 17-18 Persuasive Writing


Week 19 How-To Writing/ Grammar Review

Week 20 Interjections/ Imaginative Story

Week 21-25-Expository Writing/ Grammar Review

Week 25 Friendly Letter

Week 26-29 Drama

Week 30 Poetry

Week 31-35 Expository/ Revise & Edit

Week 36 STAAR Week

Week 37 Writing DA

Week 38-39 Research/Multimedia Presentation


*Tentative to change

Supplies Needed for ELA:

  • Composition book (2)
  • Pocket folders (3)
  • 1 HOMEWORK (for the 6th grade TEAM)
  • Essays  
  • Kleenex box (1)
  • Hand Sanitizer (1)
  • Pencils & Pens (black, blue, &red)
  • Loose leaf paper, colored pencils, highlighter
  • USB/Flash Drive


General course information:

  • Tests and projects = 60%
  • Quizzes, daily work, classroom participation = 40%