English Langauge Arts Syllabus

Resaca Middle School

6th Grade

English Language Arts (ELA)

Course Syllabus

Course Description: 

This sixth grade course is designed to review the fundamentals of ELA/writing, develop the student’s writing skills to succeed in all areas of their academic career, and meet the state academic ELA/writing standards. Students will engage in a variety of writing tasks including but not limited to: journal writing, poetry, research papers, fiction and non-fiction essays, critical analysis and letters.

The goals of this class are to challenge the students, prepare them for their future academic career, and bring about a greater understanding of the writing process, parts of speech, and effective writing techniques. 



Week 1 Punctuation

Week 2 Capitalization/ Introductions

Week 3 Nouns/ Introductions

Week 4 Pronouns/ Body Paragraphs

Week 5 Adjectives/ Body Paragraphs

Week 6-7 Prepositions/Conclusions

Week 8 Verbs& Helping Verbs/ Conclusions

Week 9 Conjunctions/ Personal Narrative

Week 10-11 Transitions & Sentence Structure/Narrative

Week 12 Writing DA

Week 13 Adverbs

Week 14 Figurative Language

Week 15-16 Poetry

Week 17-18 Persuasive Writing


Week 19 How-To Writing/ Grammar Review

Week 20 Interjections/ Imaginative Story

Week 21-25-Expository Writing/ Grammar Review

Week 25 Friendly Letter

Week 26-29 Drama

Week 30 Poetry

Week 31-35 Expository/ Revise & Edit

Week 36 STAAR Week

Week 37 Writing DA

Week 38-39 Research/Multimedia Presentation


*Tentative to change


Supplies Needed for ELA:

  • Composition book (2)
  • Pocket folders (3)
  • 1 HOMEWORK (for the 6th grade TEAM)
  • Essays  
  • Kleenex box (1)
  • Hand Sanitizer (1)
  • Pencils & Pens (black, blue, &red)
  • Loose leaf paper, colored pencils, highlighter
  • USB/Flash Drive


General course information:

  • Tests and projects = 60%
  • Quizzes, daily work, classroom participation = 40%