Garcia, Ezequiel


I'm Ezequiel Garcia 8th grade science teacher here at RMS. My conference is during 4th period 11:30-12:30. I may be reached at school 254-5159 or email at You may also call or text me; email me for my number.

Remind 101
to: 81010
Message: @a201c8

xSamxNatxSam during competition.xCompetitionxCompetitionxPullllllllllllxBoy's volleyball?xFast FreddyxPrayer after competition.xTake the bacon, Ben in green.x
500 campers.xRosie and hand.xKelsie ran away from everyone, she was almost a minute ahead of her nearest competitor.xThe marine, Sergio.x
There goes Kelsie.
xMuscles?xPraising away.x    T with the awesome smile!xLooked nice so I snapped this.xGagga Ball...xJones and IlaxEven the pelicans were out forming an Angel in the sky.xSeth and Daniela.x

K & M at the camp
xTyler still jammin'...x


Me and the Liberty bell just hanging around in Philadelphia
I tried to go in and have a Dr. Pepper summit with Obama
but they never opened the gate!
My good friend Phil Dawson, kicker with the Arizona Cardinals.