Korab, Jared
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Mr. Jared Korab

                 Art I
1st period 8:37-9:32 a.m.
2nd period 9:36-10:31 a.m.
3rd period 10:35-11:30 a.m.
4th period 11:34-12:29 p.m.
5th period 1:07-2:02 p.m.
6th period 2:06-3:00 p.m.
7th period 3:05-4;00 p.m. 


Jared Korab
Room 34-A
Phone # 956- 254-5159

        Being an artist that works with every type of media, I  want to expose  students to several types of materials.  I  believe that the world of art is everywhere and that it will influence the students in their everyday lives. For many of my students it is their first art class and I believe that for a better understanding of art they must understand the basics.  I have developed my teaching style around the Elements and Principles of Design and at the same time incorporating the major historical and cultural influences. Once the students have an understanding of what art is they will be able to create, participate and appreciate the wonderful world of art.