Saldana, Luis
Mr. L. Saldana's
Language Arts Dept. Head
7th Grade


        Phone: (956) 254-5159 / 254-5160 
        Conference: Period 5 ( 1:07-2:02)
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Text code to 81010
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(832) 514-3183

Regular ELA Writing: Period 3 & 6
code: @saldanae

Pre-AP ELA Writing: Period 1,4 & 7
code: @saldanaen

Pre-AP Art History: Period 2
code: @a3ge6

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got to the following: 

Regular ELA Writing:
Pre-AP ELA Writing:
8th Grade Pre-AP History:

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ELA Writing 7th Grade Regular Class


ELA Writing 7th Grade Pre-AP Class

Art History Pre-AP 8th Grade

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Regular ELA Writing Class 7th Grade: 

 Pre-AP ELA Writing Class 7th Grade : hcs8yt

 Pre-AP Art History 8th Grade:  w5q63f

Class Schedule:
Breakfast                                               8:20-8:37
 Period 1 Pre-AP ELA (Writing) 7th      
8:37 -  9:32
Period 2 - Art History 8th                   9:36 - 10:32
Period 3 - ELA (Writing) 7th             10:35 - 11:30
LUNCH                                                  11:34-12:04
Period 4 -Pre-AP ELA (Writing) 7th    12:08 - 1:03
Period 5 - Conference                          1:07 -   2:02
Period 6 -ELA (Writing) 7th                 2:06 -   3:01
Period 7-Pre-AP ELA (Writing) 7th         3:05-4:00
 Scholastic Art Magazine 
Art History Projects  

 Art History Photorecreation 2011-2012.pptx     
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Art History Photography Project 2011-2012.pptx
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Art History Pop Art Project 2013-2014.pptx
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Art History Projects
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Art History Projects

   Famous Art Photo Recreation 2013-2014        newest.pptx  
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Visit the Caves at Lascaux

Create your Own Comic Book
Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.
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