Buchanan, Tracy

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Mrs. Buchanan

Conference Period 6

E-mail: tbuchanan@lfcisd.net

Mrs. Buchanan                                                        Resaca Middle School

tbuchanan@lfcisd.net                                             ELA Pre-AP 8th Writing

School phone:  956 254 5159                                  ELA 8th Writing

Conference time:  6th Period


School Year:  2017-2018


Essential Course Outcomes

  1. The student will know how to perform the steps of research.

  2. The student will know the proper presentation techniques.

  3. The student will write frequently in paragraph and essay form. 

  4. The student will write for a variety of audiences and purposes and in a variety of forms using standard grammar and usage. 

  5. The student will build his/her vocabulary.

  6. The student will connect writing prompts to history and life.


    Rules & Consequences:

    All Resaca Middle School and LFCISD rules are in effect.  Please read the student handbook and be familiar with all rules and codes of conduct.  Tardies will be enforced.  In addition, I will particularly emphasize the following:


  1. Respect your teacher, your fellow students, yourself, and class materials. 
  2. Remain in your seat unless otherwise directed.
  3. Remain quiet while others are speaking.
  4. No food and drinks are allowed in the room.
  5. Absolutely no cell phones are to be heard in my room.
  6. Formal, standard English is to be spoken in my room at all times.

*Caveat:  Electronic devices, including cell phones, may be used in class when appropriate with permission.  All devices must be 100% silent.


Consequences for choosing to break a rule:

  1. Verbal or covert/signal warning
  2. Parents contacted by e-mail or telephone
  3. Referral to office

*Caveat:  I reserve the right to send you straight to the office, depending upon the severity of your choice.


I will confiscate all cell phones I hear and/or see being used without permission, and I will give them to the office.


An “excellent” student will

  • Raise his/her hand to get my attention.

  • Show respect to everyone.

  • Submit completed assignments on time or before due date.

  • Be in his/her desk before the tardy bell rings, working quietly.

  • Follow the procedures for Mrs. Buchanan’s Class.



  1. Tests:  Objective and Essay Exams, Projects/Presentations, Papers
  2. Quizzes:  May be announced or unannounced
  3. Homework:  Three to five times a week

4.   Daily classroom work

5.   Projects & writing assignments

*Caveat:  ScanTron grades will not be changed.


Quarterly Grades will be calculated by adding the total number of points earned by the student and dividing that by the total number of possible points.


Extra Credit will not be offered.


Make-up Work & Late Work

  1. In the case of an excused absence, the student is responsible for asking Mrs. Buchanan what work needs to be done.


    • If the absence is planned, the student should ask days before the absence in order to ensure all the take-home materials will be prepared.
    • If the absence is excused but not planned, the student should ask Mrs. Buchanan on the first day back.  Mrs. B. can be contacted before/after school and via e-mail.
    • Students will have the amount of days missed from school to complete the assignments.
    • If a student does not follow this procedure for make-up work, Mrs. B. reserves the right to record a zero for the missing work.


  1. Late work will be accepted one school day late with a minimal loss of half of the total point value.


  • A designated place to store notes and work: a divider in a binder, a folder

  • 1 tissue box

  • 1 hand sanitizer

  • Notebook paper to be used throughout the year

  • Blue or black pens

  • Pencils



Getting Help 

I am available before school, during and after school.  It is recommended an appointment be made to avoid interruptions.  Please feel free to contact me via e-mail; it is usually the quickest way to communicate with me.


I cannot speak or read Spanish.  Thus if a translator is needed, please let me know and a translator will be scheduled.


This syllabus is used as a guide only and may change at any time. All of the Resaca Middle School and LFCISD rules and regulations will be followed; please see the Handbook for more information.

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