Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Dear Parents,

The most precious gift you can give your child is the gift of reading.  The child who loves to read will not only do well in English and Language Arts courses, but will, in fact, excel in every area of schoolwork and of life.

This is why Resaca Middle School has decided to place a strong emphasis on improving reading throughout our classes.  To accomplish this goal, we have the Accelerated Reader Reading program in place.  Based on a computer-based reading motivation program currently in use by more than 23,000 schools in North America, Accelerated Reader has three main objectives:

1.)  To dramatically improve student reading performance, as measured by standardized tests
2.)  To improve students' critical-thinking skills, vocabulary, and writing skills
3.)  To instill a lifelong love of reading in students

One thing you should notice very soon, if you haven't already, is your child reading a lot more books than usual.  Many parents, in fact, find their children's new enthusiasm for reading so contagious that they start reading more themselves, and we certainly encourage that.  Also, we are asking you to help us by making sure your child reads at least 20 -30  minutes every night.

We all look forward to helping your child become and stay a successful reader for a lifetime.